Hey! I'm Justin Chan!
I draw a lot and I'm a 3rd year Animation student @ Sheridan.

CURRENT: Promotional art for Nuclear Throne.
PAST: Character Design for Nick Jr. Art for Dogthrow Duo. Animator on Grojband and Spellirium. Promotional art for Octodad: Dadliest Catch, Crypt of the NecroDancer, Titan Souls, Retro Game Crunch. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Come say hi on twitter!

Poké-Collab: Kanto is COMPLETE!

YES! In less than 3 weeks, we managed to get 151 Pokemon (and 1 MissingNo) by 151 different artists, all on Twitter!
I never thought it explode like this, within the first 24 hours sign-ups were full! Within the first 48 hours, 80% of the Pokémon were already complete!
Thanks to "the mega cosmic powers of twitter and peoples’ general love for Pokemon"!
It’s really incredible to see this complete, every drawing looks unique.
There’s both digital and traditional drawings, some are detailed and others are more minimalist and there are both beginning artists and industry pros! So many different styles from people all over the world!

I’m super glad I could organize this, I discovered a lot of really talented artists and got to talk to some really cool people!

DOWNLOAD the SUPER HIGH-RES .png (8800x6800) here!
Feel free to print out a poster for yourself, I know I’m going to!
If you print one out send me a pic of it hanging up! I’d love to see it!
Full list of contributors can be found here.

Johto Poké-Collab will begin around September…
I’ve started to invite people to the doc, but it will be public next month.
I will announce on Twitter when it starts!

Until then, thanks to everyone who contributed and for being patient when I was trying to get everything organized! Everything went smoother than I expected! :)

Seriously, you are all so awesome.

UPDATE1: Kotaku article about the Collab!
UPDATE2: My Nintendo News article about the Collab!

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