Hey! I'm Justin Chan!

I draw a lot and I'm a 2nd year Animation student @ Sheridan.

Working on NUCLEAR THRONE. Previously animated on GROJBAND and SPELLIRIUM.

(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Come say hi on twitter!

Working with friends at Vlambeer on their next game: WASTELAND KINGS!
Did some promotional art based on Paul Veer’s awesome designs!
Also did a t-shirt design (the red and yellow image) that was available at PAX.
Game development will be streamed weekly, and I might even stream some art too! It’ll be out on Steam for PC/Mac as well as on PS4 and PSVita! Check the website for more info.

Excited to be working on this, everyone on the team is super talented!

For now, you can try the MOJAM version that was made last year.

It also happens to be Vlambeer’s 3rd birthday today, made this little .gif for them:

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